A proven system for maximising your gym business.

We help group training gym owners grow their revenue (more money) and embed automated systems (more time).

Who it's for

Gymownr is for group training gym owners who want:

  • More members
  • Higher revenue
  • Increased profits
  • Lower stress
  • Less complexity
  • More free time

What you'll achieve

Gymownr will help you:

  • Install time-saving automations and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.
  • Maximise your model so you can generate more money from less resources.
  • Implement predictable and profitable client acquisition systems.
  • Run paid ads like a pro and fill your gym with high-paying members.
  • Significantly increase your monthly revenue without scaling expenses.
  • Streamline your business so it operates without being solely reliant on you.
  • Hire, train and manage a small, reliable, high-performing team.
  • Run your gym by the numbers so it grows consistently and predictably.

What clients are saying

Results from working with Gymownr.

How it works

Gymownr provides everything you need to maximise your gym business:

  • Training – comprehensive training modules with clear action steps.
  • Systems – optimised automation and proven operational processes.
  • Coaching – weekly video calls to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Tools – everything required to build, operate, analyse and scale.
  • Accountability – weekly check-ins to keep you focussed.
  • Support – daily support via our private Slack workspace.
  • Community – connect with other ambitious, successful gym owners.
  • Exclusivity – gain an upper hand on the gyms in your local area.

Your roadmap

How we help maximise your gym business.

How to get started

If you own a group training gym and you want more clients, more money and more free time – schedule a call below to see if Gymownr is a good fit.

More from our clients

Results from working with Gymownr.

What to expect

Within 12 months, if you implement our strategies, you will fill your gym, completely systemise your business, and significantly increase your revenue and profits.


Gymownr was created by Mike Waywell, the founder of Steel Habitat – since 2020 we've helped over 150 gym owners streamline and scale their business.